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Hare Consulting & Training, L.L.C.

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I am a 17-year law enforcement veteran that decided to turn in my uniform and badge and start teaching. I have worked in Las Vegas with a correctional center that contracted with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, also the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, and a Deputy Sheriff in Athens, Georgia. While working as a deputy, I have been assigned not only in the Jail, but Court Services and the Warrant/Civil Division. I am a certified law enforcement instructor in the State of Georgia where I have taught not only the deputies with my former agency, but also the Regional Police Academy. I am also a United States Marine Corps veteran.

In April 2021, I decided to start teaching seminars to the general public and private organizations the very lawful topics many law enforcement officers attend. Some of the topics include Lawful Use of Force, Firearm Fundamentals, Shoot/Don't Shoot Simulation, Active Shooter Awareness, Concealed Handgun Carry (Virginia Only). Our classes are open to everyone that wants to know how to protect themselves, their family, and their property lawfully.

We will be having seminars in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee.

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